The History of Olive Oil

“The Mediterranean peoples began to leave barbarism when they began to grow the olive and the vine”
Thucydides – V century BC
With this statement, the Greek historian and philosopher Thucydides focused on an epoch changing moment in history: the cultivation of olives and vines defined Man’s entry into civilization.
Olive growing began 6,000 years ago on the lands bordering the Mediterranean Sea, where 95% of worldwide olive farming is still concentrated even today.   
The ideal environment for the olive plant is strictly linked to the Mediterranean climate, with its mild winters and hot dry summers.
It is due to these characteristics that Italy boasts the perfect climate for olive farming.

Fava bean mash with wild chicory

Ingredients:500 gr. dried fava beans, abundant cold water, 2 potatoes, salt and pepper,  wild chicory, Masturzo Extra-Virgin Olive Oil.
Let the fava beans soak overnight in plenty of cold water. Rinse them the day after and put them in a pan together with the diced potatoes and a bay leaf. Cover with sufficient cold water and bring to the boil, then simmer on a low flame for a couple of hours, until the beans and potatoes are soft. Add salt to taste and reduce to a thick mash, using an electric mixer.
In the meanwhile wash and clean the chicory and boil in plenty of salted water. Drain well and serve a portion over a layer of the fava bean mash. A drizzle of Masturzo Extra-Virgin Olive Oil, a sprinkling of freshly ground pepper and everyone can sit round the table to try this tasty and healthy dish, typical of Southern Italy.